What Makes Us Different?

When comparing Massabesic Health Resources to any other physical therapy clinic, gym, or fitness facility there are several things that stand out as ‘above and beyond’. Our patients and clients compliment us on this continually, and this high level of satisfaction makes us quite proud.

Physical Therapy
Highly qualified, passionate individuals who take the time to customize every stage of your recovery.

From the very first evaluation all the way through discharge and even beyond

Fitness & Wellness
Great emphasis is put on continued education, the incorporation of new techniques, and a constantly evolving knowledge of the human body and treatment.

Full Fitness Center/Fitness Center Membership, an 800 sq. ft. pool, and offers a variety of classes (on a rotating basis).

Fitness & Wellness
(207) 247-3216
(207) 490-4920
You can come straight to us!
You can choose!

You may not need the physician referral mandated by state law to begin the evaluation and treatment of your condition.

Our Patients Are Feeling Great!
  • Mary & Bob L.

    If you need physical therapy I would highly recommend Massabesic Health Resources! From the moment you walk in the door you know that these people are here to help you get well. We feel blessed to have this resource near our home and can not say enough good about them!
  • Diana L.

    My name is Diana, and I have been receiving physical therapy with Massabesic Health Resources after having a total knee replacement. They have a wonderful team of therapists. I send out a heartfelt thank you to all of the team, not just the therapists, but the ladies in the office are great too. I would recommend them to anyone.