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"I was injured in a car accident and was referred to MHR by an employee at Bayside Neurology . I couldn't have been happier with working with Jim, and the staff during my recovery period. Unfortunately my rehab finished its time frame allowed and issues have settled back in, so i had another procedure done recently and now back to PT and asked where i might want to go. I had no reservation and IMMEDIATELY spoke right up .MHR !!! "
Apr 24, 2019
"This place is amazing. My husband would drive 2hrs to the VA Togus in Augusta twice a week for aquatic therapy with very little help from staff and very little relief. Now that he has been going to Massabesic Health Resources things have really started to turned around for him. The staff are wonderful and they really force on what he needs. Thank you so much!"
Jul 31, 2018

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is the myth of the "atomic age" -- as in being able to remake ourselves." -

I want to explain why I so appreciate the professional approach to physical health that both Jim Stevenson and Hayes Sweeney have fostered for their patients and with their staff at MHR and PT. In my eighteen years living in this area, I have been treated for an ankle injury, knee pain, back pain several times, left rotator cuff, and right now, my right rotator cuff. In addition to first class PT treatments Hayes and Jim's willingness to answer questions when I was not being treated, or to help with the best way to use some new exercise equipment is always given willingly and with humor. I also want to mention the generous time they give to training PT interns from the University of New England, whose patient care is carefully monitored under their guidance.

All these resources are readily available to me at MHR and PT. I remember the old facility before the lovely new one opened. I went for knee pain and was delighted to find a therapeutic pool to work out in. I joined the gym at the new facility when it opened, did chair yoga, and really got myself back into shape with trainer, Lisa Sylvain’s encouragement and discipline. Now having topped my three score years and ten, I need to take care of the aches and pains that I feel. In truth, there have always been aches and pains. But at my age if I want to be able to dance at a wedding, take a walk for more than a block, and generally stay active, I do need to look after my body which works quite well until it doesn't, and that will continue to bring me to physical therapy as well as working out at the at MHR and PT gym.

Best and thanks too
- Celia.

My name is Diana, and I have been receiving physical therapy with Massabesic Health Resources after having a total knee replacement. They have a wonderful team of therapists. They have worked with my knee and I had the opportunity to use the pool for therapy, which the warm water felt really great, but found I got more out of the exercises out of the water.

When I first started PT, I could not push the peddles on the bicycle all the way around frontwards, backwards was hard, but I was able to go backwards within a few tries with their encouragement. I am now able to push the peddles forward. Without the PT, I don't believe that I would be where I am today.

My physical therapy will be ending soon and I will have the opportunity to sign up and use the facility to continue my exercises, which I fully intend to do.

My experience has been totally fulfilling. I send out a heartfelt thank you to all of the team, not just the therapists, but the ladies in the office are great too.

I have also worked with Massabesic Health Resources for my back in the past and believe they helped my back to get to the point where I could function without all the pain.

Great people, great place, and I would recommend them to anyone. I know where I will be going if I need PT in the future.

Thank you Massabesic Health Resources. I truly have enjoyed my time with you.

-Diana L.

If you need physical therapy I would highly recommend Massabesic Health Resources! Both my husband and I have received care here; him after joint replacement and myself following an injury and subsequent surgery. The staff is friendly, skilled and professional and truly care about their patients. Their knowledgeable care contributed greatly to our recovery and we felt so lucky to be able to receive care right here in our community at a time when traveling was difficult for us. From the moment you walk in the door you know that these people are here to help you get well. We feel blessed to have this resource near our home and can not say enough good about them!

-Mary & Bob L.